Anne got married at a very young age. As a polygamy girl, she always knew that her most important mission in life would be to keep herself pure before marriage, meaning no sex and no masturbation. And once married it would be her duty and her honor to obey her husband.
Ashleigh is riddled with guilt. Her whole life she has strived to keep her thoughts and actions pure and worthy of her future husband, whoever he might be. She knows that the man President Oaks chooses for her deserves to have her untouched body to himself. But this young polygamy girl with the face of an angel has done something terrible.
Sister Davis was the most popular polygamy girl in her mission — and it’s not hard to see why. She’s as beautiful as a supermodel, with long red hair, big boobs, a gorgeous pussy and zero inhibitions, and the other girls in the mission were all in love with her. The men had been in love with her too, but she never let them touch her body. Sister Davis is a virgin, and she is saving herself for her wedding night. But the beautiful young teen is home from her mission now, and the Seed Bearer has asked to see her.
She’s a strikingly beautiful redhead, but she has always been oblivious to the effect she has on men. She’s a shy, reserved girl, but with a palpable sense of pride. And her gorgeous, virgin body is any man’s fantasy.
Kara has always been wild. When she was a rebellious little girl, her parents tried to discipline her, but they couldn’t control her. At church and at school, she was always making trouble. Now that she has graduated from high school, her behavior is getting worse and worse. What even her parents don’t know is that Catherine is in love with another girl.